Two Courses.

Which is right for you?

Do you know when to use wood filler vs. caulk?
How to use a paint sprayer?

When is priming necessary?
The difference between a bevel or a miter?
What screws to use for each project?
How to design furniture with sketchup or create mood boards?  

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, DIY Beginner Basics is for YOU! Christine has helped hundreds of women, most who had never touched a power tool before the course build up the confidence to install shiplap, renovate kitchens, build furniture, customize their homes to a place they love! So what are you waiting for? 

Taught By: Christine Gummersall

I'm Christine, the creator of Honey Built Home & DIY Beginner Basics. 

As a child, my family moved to 20 different homes before my 18th birthday, I've lived in many white walled houses, but none of them felt homey. So it became my mission once I had a house of my own to make it feel like a home I was proud of.  

So as a broke newlywed, I picked up a sledgehammer and started my first renovation. Along the way, I saw how social media lacked HOW- TO resources, and Honey Built Home was born.


 Christine has been working with power tools and DIYing for over 13+ years. First as an apprentice to her dad, a retired plumber and handy man. Christine has mastered the basics taught and inspired thousands of women to STOP waiting, and start creating a home they love, today! Lets eliminate the fear of power tools and transform our spaces, together! 

Ready to make your house a home, you love?

Welcome to DIY Beginner Basics

This is the online course developed specifically for you, someone who is very new to DIY, home improvement, and design.  The hardest part of starting your own home projects is knowing the materials to use, how to start, and most importantly how to preserver through those mess-ups to get a product you are proud of.  DIY Beginner Basics was designed with no fluff, just the real stuff to get you started on your DIY journey.  Showcasing the best products to use for any given application to help eliminate frustrations, money wasted, and the why & how to behind it all. 


The course includes a private community to bounce ideas off of. Ask specific questions, and cheer one another on as we all beautify our homes. 


Let's get started! Safety tips and shopping.  All the best products, where they are in your local Home Depot, and what they are used for! Let's overcome the fear of home improvement shopping together.

Let's Go Shopping
How to Save Money 
Drill & Driver Basics
Miter Saw Tips and Tricks
Brad Nailer Basics
Pocket Hole Jig How To
Orbital Sander Why & How
Jig Saw Basics


The Why & How! This section will teach you attainable step by step on how your walls are constructed, how to measure, cut at various angles, and the basics of home construction.  These are the fundamentals that will help you get started.

Measuring for Angles
Cutting Different Angles
Building a wall
Predrilling vs. Countersinking & WHY
Drywall Anchors
How to use a stud finder
Installing trim with brad nails the correct way
All about Screws
Measuring Nominal vs. Actual. 


The tips and tricks.  Over the last 12 years I have learned a lot of things the hard way.  I want to fast forward your DIY knowledge by teaching you the tips and tricks I have learned throughout the past decade. These are the tips that take your projects from beginner status to woah, did you hire a contractor?

Staining Wood
Paint Supplies - the best of the best
Wood Filler - how and where
Woodfiller vs. Edgebanding
Patching Walls
Priming- When to do and when to skip
Paint Spraying
Painting Smooth Surfaces
Painting Walls


Where to find inspiration and how to plan your designs! This module will cover how to utilize instagram and pinterest to not only follow your favorites but to save, categorize, and build your own style portfolio.  This section will also teach you how to create mood boards and the basics of Sketchup which is a free online software that enables you to draw 3D plans. 

Where to find inspiration
Tips and Tricks with Instagram
All Things Pinterest
How to create a mood board
Basics of Sketchup


Let's get building! This is the section where you stills will be put to the test! We will combine all of the knowledge learned in the first 4 sections to build floating shelves together.  This section also contains bonus content that is updated annually. 

How to build floating shelves
How to paint kitchen cabinets
How to shiplap
How to install baseboards
How to shop for wood

DIY Beginner Basics

Two Courses.

Which is right for you?

Do you know how to build a cabinet box?
How to design and install a kitchen (IKEA hack, from scratch, or hybrid)?
How to install tiles in any space: floor, walls, showers, backsplashes?
The best supplies to purchase for the job?
Basics of plumbing fixture & toilet installation? 
When to hire it out?

If you have a dated space and you are comfortable with a hammer and a few basic power tools, then you are READY to join DIY Kitchen and bath basics! 

DIY Basics Bundle

Need help with learning tools and renovating spaces? Save BIG by enrolling in both courses! This will grant you immediate access to over 80 pre-recorded video lessons. 

DIY Basics Bundle

DIY Kitchen & Bath Basics

Invest In Yourself

Learning how to DIY can end up saving you THOUSANDS of dollars instead of hiring it out, plus you get the satisfaction of saying, "I built that!"

DIY Beginner Basics


one time payment, lifetime access

What you'll get:

  • 40 engaging videos showing step by step instruction for tools, projects, and creating DIY. 
  • Lifetime Access to DIY Beginner Basics Course
  • Ask your questions and get encouraging support from fellow DIY students in our private Facebook group.
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DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics


one time payment, lifetime access.

DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics – online course to get you renovating your kitchen, bathroom, and floors. 

Renovating your floors, kitchens or bath spaces?

  • 40+ Pre-recorded Educational Videos that teach the specific techniques in do-it-yourself: tiling, beginners plumbing, building cabinets, laying flooring, painting cabinets and more.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to ask for advice, help, support other beginner DIYers
  • Lifetime Access to the course to rewatch content
  • Tips and Tricks printable worksheets
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DIY Beginner Basics and DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics


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What you'll get:

SAVE $79 discount by enrolling in both courses.

  • Lifetime Access to DIY Beginner Basics online course
  • Lifetime Access to DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics
  • combined 80 engaging videos showing step by step instruction for tools, projects, and creating DIY. 
  • basics of tiling, plumbing, cabinetry, painting and more. 
  • Ask your questions and get encouraging support from fellow DIY students in our private Facebook group.
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"I bought Christine's DIY Beginner course back in November because I had so many dreams, but not really the courage to do anything. I figured investing in some empowerment (and fabulous tutorials) was the best self-investment I could make to get these dreams off the ground! I took my time, but I’m so proud of my hallway makeover! I wanted to share this with anyone who is still a bit intimidated to start. I can honestly say taking the first step is the hardest part!

I’m crafty my nature, but I never really thought I was capable of pulling off home improvement projects like this! I hope you find this inspiring to take the plunge if something is holding you back!

- Melissa J.


I finally did my first 100% build! And I had to get my garage cleared and my workshop done before doing anything else! Plus I needed a workbench!
I am sooooooo glad that I took this course! If I didn’t do it, I’m not sure I would have even started! Thanks Christine! Not sure I would have done all this without you!!


“Never in a million years would I have had the confidence to tackle a project like this, using as many power tools as I did! Taking DIY Beginner Basics is allowing me to create beautiful spaces in my home that I never thought would be possible.” 

Jordan J.

DIY Beginner Basics gave me the confidence to tackle a weekend project by myself to surprise my husband, and transform our room! I love the community of the Facebook group and can’t wait for my next project!

Lynnea W.

Just before Christmas I came across DIY Beginner Basics and casually mentioned how awesome it looked to my husband. Unbeknownst to me, he hacked my IG, tracked down the course and got it for me for Christmas. 

I was suffering from major depression and anxiety... this course and project gave me a goal to work towards. I’m so proud of myself and my accomplishments and using power tools (other than a drill) for the first time. Thank you, Christine, for giving me the confidence to tackle this and for getting me through a really tough time in my life.

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