Are you ready to tackle your home renovations head on?

Looking to upgrade your house and got the gut punch quote from a professional for upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or flooring? Yeah, It’s happened to me too. 

In fact, my very first project was demoing and retiling a bathroom as a poor college student.  It can be done, and over the last decade I have fine tuned my craft to teach YOU how! 

Did you know an updated kitchen has an  84% return on investment? Yes you heard me 84% and bathrooms come in a close second at 67%!

What does that mean? It means if you are going to invest any money into updating your home… these are the spaces you want to focus on.

 This fully online course is geared to help you learn DIY  kitchen design, bathroom fixtures, tiling, hard floor installation, and more!

This course is meant to teach you HOW to do the beginner style cabinet building and plumbing, it is not meant to replace professionals who have advanced skills and expertise. But by learning the concepts taught in DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics and pairing it with a professional you can STILL save thousands of dollars!


How much do you think this kitchen would have cost for professional to build? $40,000? $60,000? maybe even $80,000?

You are probably right.  What if I told you between that the kitchen you see above only cost me $18,500. Total. That includes a $4500 allowance for brand new appliances and $7000 for quartz counters. 

How did you do it so cheap but it looks so expensive? Well my friends, that is what I’m about to teach YOU in DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics. 

60-80% of any quote you get from a professional is hours of labor. If you are willing to put in the sweat equity, you too can have the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Let me teach you!

What's Included:

  • 40+ Engaging Video Lessons
  • Lifetime Access 
  • Go at your own pace course
  • Learn how to install flooring, build a vanity, design a kitchen and more! (see course outline below).
CONTENT will be LIVE to access October 1, 2021
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Do you offer payment plans? YES!  I understand how difficult it is to invest in not only tools and project materials but also the course to learn how to do it all. I offer a few different payment plan options here.

Upon checkout you will have immediate access to course materials. No interest, no need to wait!

Payment plans are on autopay and will be billed the same date each month as the original purchase.  Error in processing the monthly payment will result in removal from the enrolled courses. 

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Course Outline

Reviews from DIY Beginner Basics Students:

"A month ago I didn't own any tools and was afraid to venture to the lumber section! This is my happy place now! Thank you. Seriously. I'm a nurse like you and after long days, I needed something else. I'm a single mom too. I needed some hobbies... I appreciate your willingness to share and always answer questions."

DIY Beginner Basics Student - Susan


I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me and helping me build my confidence to do what I've wanted to do for 8 years. Never thought I could until I saw your projects and took your DIY Course.

Y. Park

I actually just finished your DIY Beginner Basics class! Loved it! thank you for creating something that is so user friendly! I particularly appreciated the shopping section about the hardware store - knowing what to look for, where to look, what to use the various products for, ect was very helpful. I've only ever done crafting wood working projects, but am looking forward to starting more projects in my home, thanks to you!

DIY Beginner Basics Student - Meg

So what are you waiting for?

Feeling intimidated by your ugly 1950’s tile?

Or maybe its those 1990’s yellow oak cabinets that have you feeling discouraged. 

You don’t have to keep living in a space that drains your creative juices. 

Let’s work together to give you a home that you are proud of. 

A space you can gather with your family that is functional and beautiful. 

A calming retreat to relax after a long days work.  

To get started click the link below to sign up for DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics. 

DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics is here to help get you comfortable with installing tile, installing floating floors, designing a kitchen, installing a kitchen, basic plumbing fixture installation and more!! I can’t wait for you to start tackling your own honey-do list and save thousands, all while getting the satisfaction of saying, “yeah, I built that!” 

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Meet the teacher


Christine, content creator of Honey Built Home, DIY Beginner Basics, & DIY Kitchen and Bath Basics  has been working with power tools and DIYing for over 10+ years. First as an apprentice to her dad, a retired plumber and handy man. Christine has mastered the basics taught and inspired thousands of women to STOP waiting, and start creating a home they love, today! Lets eliminate the fear of power tools and transform our spaces, together!